Free State painter to represent Africa in New York

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A painter from the small town of Rouxville in the Free State will be among two South Africans representing the continent in New York in June.

Two of Vuyisile Adoons’ paintings will form part of a group exhibition in the Big Apple. He will showcase his work alongside artists from the USA, Europe, and India.

For the entire month, his work will be on display for the international market. The Rouxville painter says becoming an acclaimed artist is a dream for every person who holds a paintbrush professionally.

But getting his name in international circles is a reality the artist has yet to grasp. He will produce two paintings under the theme of World Peace, which will be shipped to New York for this exhibition.

“I’m very excited about this exhibition; this is the best news ever. This is a group exhibition that consists of international artists from countries such as SA here in South Africa, Europe, the US, Pakistan, and India,” Adoons explains.

Having started painting full-time in 2017 after a stint in retail failed, Adoons regards this as a dream come true.

“This is a great opportunity, every artist wishes to exhibit, whether it be local or international. But for me, as someone who comes from a place like Rouxville, a very small town in the Free State, it’s a great opportunity. And as a businessman and artist, it means I get to share what I do in Rouxville in terms of art and everthing with the rest of the world. Obviously, I’m going to have interaction with other artists and share culture.”

Adoons also has 12 of his artworks displayed in various hotels and venues across Kruger National Park. Two of Adoons’ artworks are also part of an exhibition at the Gorgeous Hotel in Cape Town.

“Honestly, it’s an overwhelming feeling. It’s a feeling I cannot describe looking back from where I started as an artist; it sometimes brings years to my eyes. Because it has not been an easy ride, it has been a rollercoaster, so for me, it feels like I don’t know if it’s a dream come true.”

Adoons, who uses his paint brush to depict the simple life and the people from his small town, says such opportunities help increase the value of his work.

Whereas he started selling paintings for R5000, he now rakes in up to R100 000 for a painting. He has also been earmarked for another exhibition sponsored by the United Nations later this year.

Free State painter to exhibit his work in New York: