Labour expert warns unemployment could escalate

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Labour expert and politician, Michael Bagraim, has warned that unemployment in the country could escalate.

Yesterday, Statistics South Africa announced that the unemployment rate had risen from 31,9% to 32,1% in the third quarter of 2023. This is worse than expected.

Many experts had predicted a decline in the unemployment rate.

Bagraim says government is not expected to create jobs.

“Unfortunately, the current government in South Africa has a look at it through the eyes of almost a communist spectrum, to say that government has to create jobs. But that’s not government’s duty, government must create an environment that allows the business community to create jobs.”

“We have hundreds of thousands and thousands of businesses in the previously disadvantaged areas and the townships. Those businesses need help, they need to be uncoupled from the bargaining councils, maybe access to some funding and they will create jobs,” adds Bagraim.

Below is the full interview with Michael Bagraim