Using Magubane’s work could cost between R5 000 and R30 000

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Using the work of the world-renowned photojournalist, Peter Magubane will cost you between R5 000 and R30 000 of a license.  The 91-year-old Magubane passed away peaceful in his sleep.

Magubane’s photography career began in the early 1950s and has published 17 photography books, including Nelson Mandela: Man of Destiny.

The late Peter Magubane’s work is still on display at the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

Acting Chief Executive Officer at the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Vern Harris, says some of Magubane’s work was donated at no cost to the foundation. His work includes a collection of photographs of ex-South African president, Nelson Mandela, during his time as the presidential photographer.

To use Peter Magubane’s work could cost between R5 000 to R30 000.

“I can tell you, you know, that his images, in terms of licensing costs to use his images for books, for other forms of publication, exhibitions and so on, depending on the rareness of an image would be worth anywhere between about R5 000 and R30 000 rand per usage.”

Cosatu’s Parliamentary Co-ordinator, Matthew Parks says South Africa’s youth must see the late Magubane as a role-model.

Parks says Magubane’s life is an example of how the youth even in the absence of funds for higher education, can escape poverty and unemployment.

“Young people also should look at him as a role model, a person who does not have access to funding, to go and study, yet taught himself, made huge strides in his career in the days when Africans were not allowed any meaningful career opportunities. So, indeed this is a life well lived; a life that succeeded against all odds; a life that was led in service of the nation and for that South Africa and causal, true and all progressive formations will be forever indebted in appreciative and grateful. We wish his family all the strength and the best during this difficult time.”

Black Business Council President, Elias Monage, says no monetary value equates to Peter Magubane’s work. Monage says Magubane is an example to many.

“I think some of the things that you’ve done, you cannot attach any monetary value to it. Before 1994, pre-1990, you’ve done many things that ordinarily other people, they won’t do it as a sacrifice to the democratic dispensation for this country, for the eradication of a party. I’m saying you cannot then put any monetary value to that. Safe to say during that period that most people were fighting for the eradication of the oppressive system, they didn’t do it for money.”

 Tributes continue: 

Locally and internationally, Magubane’s work has been documented and displayed at various exhibitions. The books, he published over the years are available online.

Condolences to the Magubane family continues to pour in as the family prepares for his burial.