Wind intensifies spread of fire in Simon’s Town: Carelse

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The City of Cape Town’s Fire and Rescue Service says they currently have three choppers that are actively water bombing the fire in Simon’s Town in the Cape Peninsula.

Fire and Rescue Service Spokesperson, Jermaine Carelse says the wind remains a major factor in the spread of the blaze.

“The fire area has been divided into five sections, and thus aiding in providing a clearer picture of the hot spot areas and the number of resources on scene. Crews are actively fighting the fire near Miller’s Point, Castle Rock, Rocklands farm, Dorian – and Victory Road, whilst ground crews from TMNP, VWS, NCC, and WOF are assisting with hand tools. The wind is still a major factor. However, we are confident that the combined efforts from those on the scene will provide positive results.”


Carelse says that they are still battling a fire that started on Thursday morning in multiple places due to flare-ups from Simons Town. The Simons Town fire started earlier this week.

The fire, which started on a private property spread into SANParks and navy properties and was fanned by strong gusts of wind.

Carelse says the firefighters are struggling to contain the flames.

“So, we’re still battling with the prevailing wind conditions which makes it extremely difficult to perform our task and contain this fire. We started this morning with about four – Huey spot crafts, to assist us with water bombing. We’re now down to about three – helicopters still water bombing. There are hot spot areas with multiple flare-ups in the area. The Millers Point, Rocklands Farm, Castle Rock, and in the residential area by Barnetts Street, and Plateau Road as well as Horacio.”