Parties who benefited from ANC policies want to destroy us: Mbalula

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ANC Secretary- General Fikile Mbalula says the recent formation of smaller political parties, especially those who have benefited from the policies of the ANC, are aimed at destroying the ruling party.

In August, several opposition parties launched a pre-election coalition, the Multi-Party Charter for South Africa (MCP) with the aim of bringing the ANC below 50 percent at next year’s polls.

Recently, former First Rand Chair and anti-apartheid activist, Roger Jardine was touted to be the face of the MCP but the pact refuted the reports.

Mbalula was speaking in Rustenburg in the North West, where the party held its regional 2019 Manifesto Review rally programme.

”You know it is very strange, beneficiaries of Black Economic Empowerment who are rich today have the audacity to step forward to work with our opponents and the enemy to form political parties against the African National Congress, after being made by the policies of the ANC.”