Fancy a piece of donkey biltong?

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Would you take a short left and indulge in a donkey meat dish? Well, this is slowly becoming popular fare in Mahikeng in the North West.

A local entrepreneur has opened a business selling donkey meat, which is quite a rare sight for the uninitiated.

But, the delicacy attracts lots of customers, apparently due to its health benefits.

Kagiso Keipopele had an opportunity to tour the site where this cuisine is prepared.

Upon their arrival, the SABC crew was welcomed with a dish of donkey meat and biltong.

Here the meat is being processed into biltong, prepared for barbecue and Tshotlo, meaning mashed donkey meat.

The locals here say the meat is the most delicious cuisine ever.

“I have been eating this donkey meat way back. Even last time when we were here. I was here and I ate the donkey meat, Tshotlo and its biltong. My first born even drank donkey milk.”

“It is very cheap and delicious and it kills some diseases in your body and the milk. They sell it and we drink its milk. I have been drinking donkey milk and have been very healthy.”

Donkey meat processor, Mompati Kgomanyane-Modimogale says having to get the stock for slaughtering is very easy.

He is working together with donkey owners and only slaughters donkeys that are well taken care of.

Modimogale says, “The donkey may look ugly as it is but the benefits are more than any other animal people consume as we saw. I am using the health benefits to attract to start eating the donkey meat. Currently we are in a process of taking the meat to the lab to go and do nutritional values. So, I will be using those tests to attract people to say your mindset to know that the donkey is healthier than other animals.”

Even the authorities are licking their fingers and coming back for more.

Ngaka Modiri Molema Executive Mayor, Khumalo Molefe, had a taste of this delicacy.

“We must concede that South Africa is desperate for new innovation. Initiatives such as this in terms of job creation and sustainability, and we are encouraged by this farmer who has diversified and looked at a different niche at the market, which is donkey meat production.”

The Department of Agriculture is also impressed by the initiative.

Donkey meat is said to contain a higher percentage of protein and essential amino acids.

It is lower in fat, cholesterol, and calorie content than beef or mutton. – Reporting by Kagiso Keipopele