Higher fuel increase spells disaster for all South Africans: PAPPI

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Civil society organisation the People Against Petrol and Paraffin Price Increases (PAPPI) says the higher-than-expected fuel increase that comes into effect at midnight is catastrophic for all South Africans.

This follows the announcement by the Energy Department that petrol will increase by R1,08 per litre, for 93- unleaded grade and R1,14 per litre for the 95- unleaded grade.

Diesel will increase by R1,93 or R1,96 depending on the grade.

Illuminating paraffin will go up by R1,51.

PAPPI Chairperson Visvin Reddy says, “This is certainly the last straw, in fact it’s catastrophic for every South African- what is happening. This is the third consecutive increase in fuel prices in South Africa- which brings fuel prices to the highest it’s ever been in recorded history. I think it spells disaster for every South African- irrespective of whether you’re a motorist and own a car or not. What we need to understand is that when fuel prices go up- especially the price of diesel, it means that food prices, the cost of living, everything goes up.”