4IR summit set down for Bloemfontein

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution summit aimed at bringing together young people, policymakers and others from the Free State and beyond will take place next week in Bloemfontein. The gathering seeks to facilitate the development of a blueprint for the effective adoption of 4IR technologies.

The summit will be hosted by the Free State government in partnership with the Central University of Technology.

Free State Premier Sissy Ntombela says, “We are getting our young people ready. I think the time has come that we must change the mind-sets of our young people to be job-creators and not job-seekers. And this 4IR; it prepares them to make sure that they understand what is 4IR. They must be ready. So, we are having different speakers from different countries to come and showcase what is it that they can do with young people, to make sure they understand what is 4IR.”