2018 Comrades Marathon winner in the women’s race Ann Ashworth has announced that this year’s marathon will be her last.

Ashworth was speaking at the Pro-Athlete Media Briefing in Durban.

Since her tactful, composed performance last year – Ashworth has since taken time off her full-time job as an advocate.

Comrades Marathon observers believe she is a genuine contender to become the first female to win back-to-back races since Elena Nurgalieva in 2013.

Ashworth says she is going into Sunday’s race terrified.

“The one thing that last year taught me is that you never know where it’s coming from, you never know who’s chasing from behind. I think the ladies race is going to be unbelievable. For me, it’s to think the best way that you can, for Comrades is humble and terrified. The worse way is arrogant and expectant. I am certainly terrified. I love Comrades, it’s my last Comrades. I learned something from Bruce Fordyce, he said you win a title, you borrow a record. So I think your focus needs to be on winning a record.”

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