The Masilonyana Municipality workers in Theunissen in the Free State are demanding the reversal of a decision to put the municipality under administration.

Workers say having an administrator has made it dysfunctional. They marched to the local municipality to give out their memorandum of demands.

Workers are up in arms over their unpaid third parties. Its three weeks since they downed tools, they’re calling for the removal of the current administrator Steven Kau, accusing him of corruption and maladministration.

SAMWU Regional Chairperson Tshepo Kobane says, “It is for this reason that we ended up opening a case of fraud against the administrator because the administrator has actually got this municipality into a cost pit of degradation and poverty that’s why even workers are unable to even get their salaries on the date the supposed to.”

Workers vow to continue their strike until their demands are met.

“The situation is hard for all of us and it got me traumatised because two months i had a funeral but couldn’t do everything because my third parties are in arrears,” says one of the workers.

Another worker says, “We want him to go because we don’t know even who has to be held accountable now. The issue of third parties is very serious.”

The local mayor has assured workers that all issues raised will be dealt with.

Masilonyana Mayor Steve Koalane says, “We will make sure that your demands are addressed as they are valid. you ha e demonstrated peacefully and no one will lose their job. This matter will also be escalated to Free State ANC chair.”

The Masilonyana community also wants improved service delivery and access to water.