There’s tension between two students’ structures at the University of the Free State. The Free Education Movement which is aligned to South African Student Congress (Sasco) has accused the institution’s SRC led by the Economic Freedom Fighters Students Command (EFFSC) of failing to represent students’ needs.

The two structures are communicating different messages to the student community. The movement’s leader Asive Dlanja says they have put the needs of the students forward, but that the SRC is failing in its duties.

“You must ask yourself why would an SRC representing students find itself that it agrees with University management, with the students disagree with University management has been a bunch of incompetent. I cannot even call them student leaders.  I do not know what that is. How is it that you have students being purged and the SRC is siding with University management? We are very proud of the work that we have done – in fact when we came the SRC was sitting under the trees and we had to immediately intervene,” says Dlanja

The University says its registration process will only commence on January 21 for senior students, and the 25th for first year students.

Vice Chancellor Francis Peterson told the media in Bloemfontein on Friday that although the online registration had started, only information and assistance with online access were available.

Peterson was responding following disruptions at the university this week when the Free Education Movement complained about an increase in the registration fee.