South Africa will take over the helm of the African Union in 2020.

This was announced at the AU Summit, currently underway in Ethiopia.

The summit is being attended by various Heads of State who are expected to focus on issues of trade and conflict.

Particular emphasis is being placed on the more than 20-million people on the continent who’ve been forced to flee their homes due to conflict.

United Nations Secretary-General António  Guterres addressed the opening of the summit on Sunday and told delegates that the West had much to learn from African leaders over the treatment of refugees.

He says Africa has kept its borders open to millions of displaced people, despite its limited resources.

Guterres has also expressed optimism over peace efforts across the continent and paid tribute to the new reformist Ethiopian Prime Minister.

“The AU’s efforts to silence the guns by 2020 are gaining ground and the surge in diplomacy for peace is producing results. And the fruits of our strategic partnership are indeed making a difference.”

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