Two rescue dogs, a border collie named Pepsi and Yanka, a pitbull terrier, are making a name for themselves at the Republiek Primary School in Port Elizabeth.

The dogs have one mission at heart, to encourage dog rescuing and discourage backyard breeding whilst visiting schools to educate about the importance of sterilising pets.

Dog owner, Marizanne Ferreira, says people should not breed their dogs.

“Its very important for me that people should not breed willy nilly. There’s no need for people to breed their dogs there’s a surplus of dogs. The shelters are putting the dogs to sleep, by the thousands every year because there is just no homes for them. And the particular problem in our city is the illegal breeding of pitbulls, it’s huge, it’s debilitating, it’s sad, it’s cruel, 99% of those dogs have no future and never see their birthdays.”