Democratic Alliance (DA) spokesperson Solly Malatsi says the party is worried that it lost five wards to the African National Congress (ANC) in the recent by-elections countrywide.

Malatsi says the country’s official opposition is working hard to make sure that they regain support from the wards they lost.

“Any loss of a ward that we used to hold is a set back and all of this has to be seen in the context of what happened in national and provincial elections. We are mindful that we have had very difficult performance in provincial and national elections and these by-elections of wards that we lost indicate that we need to work harder to make sure we revive our support in the communities that have pensively shown support in the DA.”

Malatsi, however, maintained that the party is still in a healthy state despite the loss.

“We are in very healthy state; we are even critical about our performance and that is why the party leadership has initiated introspection reviews to look in terms of where did we come short and how can we move forward because we are in this game for long. Our party is honest about the challenges that we face that led to this performance we encountered in the by-elections and now it’s about taking steps that correct those short comings.”