The Cape Town Street Parade, formally known as “Tweede Nuwe Jaar” celebrations, attracted between 60 000 and 100 000 people on Tuesday.

The annual event is arguably one of the biggest and oldest events on Cape Town’s social calendar.

The streets in the Cape Town CBD came alive as thousands of minstrels put on their finest performance as they entertained thousands of onlookers, holidaymakers and overseas tourists.

For young and old it’s been a few days of camping out on the grand parade to secure the perfect seat to watch the 60 troupes perform.

For 91-year-old Capetonian, Fatima Jacobs, the minstrels is an annual highlight. Jacobs says she watches every year. “I love the klopse, it’s nice,” she says.

The celebration dates back more than 100 years when slaves would march through the streets, with their faces covered in paint in celebration of their one and only day off.

Years later, 60 minstrel troupes march in remembrance. Some troupes brag with more than 1000 minstrel members.

District Six Minstrel Moegamat Salie Browne says it has to be in your blood.

“You must have passion for it, love it and you must be born with it, you can’t just come and be a minstrel, it’s something that is in your blood.”

Kaapse Klopse Karnival Association Director Moneeb Gambino says it has been a busy preparation time.

This year additional entertainment which included well known performer Loukman Adams was added.  Close to R5 million has been spent on the spectacular.