Tshwane metro police say organisers of the failed #ZumaMustGoNow march failed to meet the Gathering’s Act requirements.

#ZumaMustGoNow march failed after people did not show up for the march in Pretoria. However, organisers claim that they have received advice to temporarily suspend the march pending the outcome of the ANC National Executive Committee meeting’s outcome currently underway.

Tshwane metro police spokesperson Isaac Mahamba says the march was never approved.

“They could not provide us with the signed letter from the office of the Presidency at the Union Buildings just to indicate who is going to accept the memorandum. And the other thing that they could not provide to the cluster is the information on buses. They indicated that the buses will come from all the provinces, but they did not know how many buses that will be coming. Lastly they did not even know the number of the participants of the marches.”