President Jacob Zuma has discussed the political situation prevailing in Zambia with his counterpart in that country and former Nigerian President Olesegun Obasanjo. President Zuma was on Saturday on a working visit to Zambia where bi-lateral relations between the two countries were also under the spotlight.

The President also found time to attend Zambia’s Agricultural and Commercial show as a guest of honour as well as pay a courtesy visit to Zambia’s first President Kenneth Kaunda. Arriving at Lusaka’s Kenneth Kaunda Airport President Jacob Zuma was whisked to that country’s state house where he spent time with Zambian President Edgar Lungu.

Joining that meeting was former Nigerian President Olesegun Obasanjo.

The incarceration of opposition party leader Hakainde Hichelima since April this year on charges of treason and the country’s state of emergency were central to discussions. While President Zuma was tight lipped regarding the details, speaking to journalists President Lungu reiterated that nothing is amiss in his country.

“ President Obasanjo has just gone to Kabwe to see this gentleman and he told me I will go and tell him just accept the result, stop wasting time because you see for me it is about accepting the results or not , he has not accepted the results but he has not told anyone why we had SADC, we had Comesa , we had AU , we had EU , we had Commonwealth everyone who cared came to see our elections and I won, he went to court he had no evidence and after that he said I was not heard so can you ask him , you as media , where is his evidence so that you hear me and then if he convinces you then I will also hear him.”

An elated crowd greeted the South African President at Lusaka’s show grounds

President Zuma’s next stop was a courtesy visit to the first President of Zambia Kenneth Kaunda. The 93 year old statesman has recently been released from hospital. According to President Zuma he found President Kaunda in good spirits.

“I found him in good shape, indeed very good, we had good discussions with him and the family of course, surprisingly with his quick run that he does sometimes as I was about to go, he said I am going to run to wait there, to see you going , which confirms that he is in good shape,” says Zuma.

An elated crowd greeted the South African President at Lusaka’s show grounds, the venue for the Zambia Agricultural and Commercial Show. There President Jacob Zuma spoke to a number of exhibitors including Shoprite and MNET.

“We have been growing from strength to strength, what we are very proud of is that now we are cultivating local talent and putting it on Zambezi Magic which is available in eight countries I think as the country is moving into digital migration this partnership emerged with digital migration they had digital TV since 1994,” said representative for the channel.

With regards to agriculture President Zuma was accompanied by Agriculture Minister Senzeni Zokwana and he had high praise for what he saw.

“ What has really made me feel so good is how the farmers here in Zambia have focused on adding value to what they produce, it is actually amazing the way they have taken it and they have seen the return in the way things have increased.”

South Africa and Zambia have signed 21 Agreements and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) over the past years including one which enables the two to share agricultural development experiences, capacity building and skills development programmes.

– By Busi Chimombe