Zimbabwean President clamps down on corruption

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Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa has established a Special Anti-Corruption Unit in his office reporting directly to him.

He says it is to speed up investigations into corruption as he is not happy with the pace since he ascended to power last November.

But critics have already warned that the President is returning to the Mugabe style, and the move may compromise autonomy in the justice system.

Mnangwagwa admits police and the corruption commission have investigated and handed over dockets to the prosecutors but the Prosecutor General says he doesn’t have human capacity to move with speed Critics say Mnangwagwa shouldn’t House the Special Anti-Corruption Unit in his office as this compromises autonomy, instead he ought to sanction the human capacity required to beef up the Prosecuting Authority.

He is yet to announce who will be appointed to the Unit.