Zanu-PF opposes MDC’s election bid

Mnangagwa has called on the country to move on from its disputed elections.
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Zimbabwe’s governing Zanu-PF party has filed court papers at the country’s Constitutional Court to oppose the MDC-Alliance’s challenge to the recent election results.

The opposition grouping wants the court to overturn the results which handed victory to Zanu-PF and its leader President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The MDC challenges the results on the grounds of alleged irregularities and vote-rigging.

Zanu-PF’s legal representative, Paul Mangwana says elections are not won in court, they are won in the ballot box.

He says: “They have not even asked for the ballot boxes to be opened and the ballots to be counted. It is based on some theoretical calculations by some statistician with qualifications we doubt a lot. Nevertheless, the election material is there for everyone to see.”

“So Nelson Chamisa was beaten and there is no basis or any ground for challenging the victory of Mnangagwa. The president is proceeding to run the country to the benefit of the people, he is not stopping,” adds Mangwana.

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