Winter weather upends travel in Germany for a second day

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Heavy snowfall and icy conditions upended air, car, and train travel across Germany for a second day on Thursday.

At Frankfurt airport, Germany’s largest hub, more than 300 out of almost 1,000 planned arrivals and departures were cancelled in the morning, according to a spokesperson.

Trains to and from Paris were again cancelled, German rail operator Deutsche Bahn said, and for other train journeys, occasional disruption could still occur due to the weather.

Traffic jams built up on highways in central Germany, according to police, who said that clearing the roads would still take several hours and asked drivers to avoid unnecessary trips.

According to local media, drivers in the region caught in the kilometres-long congestion for hours late on Wednesday were provided with hot drinks and blankets by the Red Cross.

The German weather service warned of more snow over the course of the day, with up to 15 centimetres predicted in some parts of southern Germany and some lingering stormy weather.