W Cape schools reopen, electricity restored in some areas following storms

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The Western Cape Education Department has reported significant progress in the reopening of schools following the devastating storms that wreaked havoc across the province earlier this week.

The storms claimed the lives of 11 individuals and displaced thousands of residents due to widespread flooding and damage.

Provincial Education Minister David Maynier states that their top priority has been to facilitate the swift reopening of schools in the affected areas. He expresses satisfaction with the pace of recovery efforts, noting that the number of closed schools has significantly decreased in recent days.

“The severe storm over the long weekend has kept 16 Western Cape schools closed today, down from 39 closed on Tuesday and 21 closed on Wednesday. We are pleased that the recovery effort is proceeding quickly, allowing schools to reopen successfully.”

Education officials have also been working closely with schools to ensure a prompt return to normalcy, and parents have been encouraged to stay in contact with their children’s schools for the latest updates regarding closures and reopening.

Severe weather conditions in the Western Cape

Electricity restored

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the severe weather, efforts to restore power to affected areas have also made substantial headway.

Member of the Mayoral Committee for Energy, Beverley van Reenen, reports that technicians have been tirelessly working to address power faults and outages caused by the storms. Additional teams were deployed to manage the high volume of service requests generated by the weather-related disruptions.

While the Western Cape continues to recover from the devastation brought by the recent storms, the concerted efforts of various authorities and departments are steadily helping residents regain a sense of normalcy and stability in the affected areas.

Several towns completely cut off in the Western Cape