VW apologises after botched PR campaign with Moozlie

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Car manufacturer Volkswagen has given the assurance that its future campaigns will be less shocking. This follows a backlash that its awareness campaign on irresponsible driving has caused.

VW partnered with rapper and media personality Nomuzi “Moozlie” Mabena for the campaign, which focused on alerting young people about the dangers of texting while driving. The rapper faked a car crash while doing a live broadcast on Instagram.

People took to Twitter to express their disapproval of the campaign.

Head of Group Communications at VW South Africa Andile Dlamini has apologised for the distress that the latest campaign has caused.

“We firstly have to apologise for the distress that was caused for people that were close to her, that felt that the campaign was real and that Nomuzi was badly hurt – but what was important to us was that the message came across.  When Nomuzi released a video to say this is the campaign that she’s running, she’s not hurt… people need to understand that they cannot be texting and driving at the same time.  So the next campaign won’t be as shocking as this one.”