Vavi speaks out on stigma surrounding COVID-19 victims

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The South African Federation of Trade Unions’ General Secretary, Zwelinzima Vavi, has called on people to refrain from creating a stigma against those diagnosed with the coronavirus – saying the country needs to observe Freedom Day by uniting in the fight against the virus.

South Africa has recorded 4 546 cases of the coronavirus, and 87 COVID-19-related deaths. Vavi, who has tested positive for the coronavirus, has warned that South Africa could be thrown into a further crisis should people fail to adhere to the lockdown regulations.

In the video below, Vavi calls South Africans to unite in the fight against COVID-19

“ I know how the issue of stigma can create the conditions where more and more people hide the fact that they may be sick and simply allow situations where this thing could become a mystery, when it is a reality facing humankind. Hence we must oblige and comply with all of the regulations that government have issued. This is for the good of the public and not intended to inconvenience or throw us deeper into poverty and unemployment. This is about saving lives.”

How are you celebrating Freedom Day during lockdown?

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