UN Chief urges ‘use of force’ to tackle Haiti’s security crisis

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Addressing the security situation in Haiti requires a range of coercive law enforcement measures, including the active use of force in targeted police operations against heavily armed gangs in the island nation.

This is according to United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres.

The body, responsible for addressing threats to international peace and security, requested the UN Chief to provide a full range of options on how to address the growing security threat posed by weak governance and institutions and exacerbated by violent gangs in the country.

Guterres told that Council that nothing short of the “robust use of force” by a capable specialised multinational operation would be able to achieve the restoration of law and order and a reduction in human rights abuses.

Laying out the context in Haiti, Guterres’ letter warned that gang attacks were characterised by extreme violence, indiscriminate shooting of people in public spaces, burning people alive in public transportation vehicles, mutilation, executions and sexual and gender-based violence while children were being recruited into these gangs.

The urgency for action from the Security Council and the subsequent deployment of a multinational force, is simply no longer a matter in dispute.

Details in the report below: