Ukrainian activist gives Putin advice on BRICS summit attendance

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Ukrainian activist Oleksandra Romantsova has suggested that it would be better for Russian President Vladimir Putin to dial-in to this year’s BRICS summit in South Africa rather than attend in person.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued an arrest warrant for Putin and South Africa, as an ICC member, would be required to detain Putin if he attends the 15th BRICS Summit that South Africa will host in August.

Russia, which invaded Ukraine 14 months ago, is accused of taking large numbers of children from occupied Ukraine into Russia.

Romantsova says it would be better if Putin attended the BRICS summit via Zoom. She was speaking to wire service, REUTERS, at Wits University where she was taking part in a seminar.

Only way SA can avoid arresting Putin is to withdraw from ICC: Richard Spoor: