Tribal authority in Taung concerned about residents starting veld fires

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The Batlhaping ba Phuduhutswana Tribal authority in Taung in the North West have raised concern about the carelessness of communities in starting fires and it spreading to other areas.

Kgosi Lehatshe Mankuroane says hundreds of hectares of grazing land has been ravaged by the blazes.

He added that communities also need to refrain from littering and dumping rubbish in public places, which he says pose a great risk to the environment.

“I humbly request that we take nature seriously. There have been veld fires spreading all over and devouring grazing land. I don’t know if people do not see any wrongdoing in all that. The other issue is that of littering and pampers (nappies) all over the place and tavern owners who throw used bottles everywhere, even at the main roads.”