The relocation of staff from the Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) to the Ngqura harbour in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro in the Eastern Cape is under way. The first group of employees has arrived.

The parastatal is relocating its headquarters to the R255-million state-of-the-art eMendi Building in the harbour. TNPA acting general manager Phyllis Difeto says the move will lead to the creation of many jobs.

“As one of the economic imperatives, it is the attraction of investments and the investment this is going to cause for the city is of magnitude and we have to appreciate that in a little way Transnet is contributing to the economic growth of the city. The third one talks about economic upliftment and the jobs that it will create. There will be jobs advertised and there will be appointments.”

Four hundred TNPA staff members from Johannesburg and Durban offices are expected to relocate to the province. For many, it will be a sacrifice. However, one of the relocating employees Nandi Oliphant says it is worth it.

“It is a huge positive, there is excitement as a whole of people are getting jobs. It may not be from Transnet direct, but there are opportunities. People coming here gonna need someone to clean their house and their garden etcetera.”