‘Suspected masterminds behind Joburg CBD hijacked buildings identified’

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Johannesburg Public Safety MMC Dr Mgcini Tshwaku says significant progress has been made in identifying several suspected masterminds behind hijacked buildings in the city.

Tshwaku says they were approached by the owners of the buildings, claiming that they have been terrorised.

He says the masterminds target buildings with high rates bills and they auction the flats.

“So we have uncovered that these individuals are actually a string of lawyers. One which we are getting a lot of information about is a guy called Jan van den Bos and Associates. He has hijacked one of the buildings at the Tygerberg, there are about 126 flats. When people woke up they found them coming in telling them that the flats have been taken. So it is a modus operandi happening,” adds Tshwaku.

VIDEO: Possible syndicate hijacking buildings in Joburg CBD : Nthatisi Modingoane