Steel sector wage increase talks continue

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Labour unions and employers in the steel sector are back at the Metal and Engineering Industries Bargaining Council for the last round of the 2024 wage talks.

Workers belonging to Numsa and NUM want a wage increase of seven percent coupled with non-financial benefits.

But employers organised under the Steel and Engineering Industrial Federation of Southern Africa want the parties to consider rolling over the current agreement of six percent as a base for negotiations.

NUM Deputy General-Secretary Mpho Phakedi says they have since had to review their demands.

“We went to our members and they also engaged with us and reviewed their position. In relation to other demands, we are of the view that we must continue to engage through working groups and let’s look at the issues of housing and medical aid, how can we find each other in that regard?”

Steel sector wage talks | Numsa, NUM affiliated workers want 7% increase: Irvin Jim