The state has requested a guilty verdict against multiple murder accused, Nomia Ndlovu. Presenting a closing argument on Thursday morning, the state sought to highlight the pattern in Ndlovu’s conduct in relation to the murders she is accused of to show that she had indeed registered failed members on insurance policies and later masterminded their murder in order for her to cash in on the policies.  

The state accused Ndlovu of having “lied about her relationship with her cousin Madala Homu” whom she registered as “spouse on policy documents” in order to avoid having to pay premiums for him. 

Homu was murdered in 2012. 

During cross-examination, Ndlovu told the court that she had not intentionally done so, but that the mistake had happened on the side of the insurance company. The state denied this.   

The state has also accused Ndlovu of having “lied about Brilliant Mashego (sister’s son) as being her (own) son.”  

The judge raised the issue of cultural relations where the sister’s son could be referred to as “son”. But the state has argued  that “In culture, my lord, but if you complete documents that you sign (you cannot be using culture).” 


The state says there is also evidence the 43-year-old former police officer planned the murder of boyfriend Maurice Mabasa. A policy on his life was taken out on 1 August 2015. He was murdered on 14 October 2015. Two weeks before the murder, Ndlovu call the insurance company to ascertain if his premiums were up to date. 

Ndlovu is also accused of conspiracy to commit the murder of her sister, Joyce Ndlovu and her five children.  

The police set up a sting operation which ultimately led to Ndlovu being caught on camera while allegedly detailing what she wanted to be done. 

In a secretly recorded video, she can be seen and heard in a video telling Mr Dlamini to burn Joyce and her five kids leaving behind no witnesses so that they could cash in on insurance policies.  

However, she has previously told the court that everything she said in that video was something alleged hitman Vincent Kunene had told her to say so that Mr. Dlamini could provide transport to Bushbuckridge, knowing that he stood to benefit financially even though to kill was not the real intention of travelling to Mpumalanga.     

“Before I got into the car, I had a short discussion with Vincent Kunene. Vincent told me what to say,” says Ndlovu.   

Ndlovu is accused of the murders of Witness Madala Homu in March 2012, cashing in R131 000 from insurance policies; Audrey Ndlovu killed in 2013 – Ndlovu cashing in R717 000; her boyfriend Morris Mabasa murder – cashing in R416 000; her niece Zanele Motha who died in June 2016. She got R120 000 from the insurance; her nephew Mayeni Mashaba who died in 2017 as well as Mashego who was murdered in January 2018.   

According to Ndlovu, she listed the family members in her insurance policies so that she would not be burdened in the event of their death as it had been the case before. The prosecution put it to her that, that was not the case, pointing at the evidence of Homu’s sister, Eva, who told the court that she only contributed R200 towards burial expenses, despite benefiting just over R131 000 in policy payouts following Homu’s murder.