State prosecutor cross-examines defence witness in the Rameez Patel murder case

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A state prosecutor has started cross-examining the defense witness in the case of businessman, Rameez Patel, in the High Court in Polokwane, Limpopo. The witness, medical expert Doctor Ajay Maharaj took to the witness stand on Wednesday, testifying about the post-mortem results and the possible cause of Fatima Patel’s death.

Doctor Maharaj says Fatima succumbed to strangulation and neck fractures, not a gunshot wound to the neck.

During his testimony, the defense witness and medical expert Dr. Ajay Maharaj disputed the post-mortem results that Fatima died from a gunshot wound.

Maharaj said Fatima could have died from manual strangulation and neck fractures. Dr. Maharaj has said that the scratches found on Fatima’s neck indicate that there was a struggle between the deceased and the suspects.

Maharaj also questioned the state on why DNA testing sampling was not taken from Fatima’s fingernails citing that its common practice in a murder case.

The state prosecutor, Lethabo Mashiane has begun cross-examining Maharaj.

VIDEO | The trial of murder-accused Rameez Patel continues at the Polokwane High Court in Limpopo: