The State Capture Commission of Inquiry Chairperson Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo says the Commission will apply for a three-month extension. Zondo says the national lockdown took some valuable time from the Commission to finish oral evidence of witnesses.

The taxpayer has so far funded the commission’s operations with at least R800 million so far.

The State Capture Commission of Inquiry requires a further three months on its life span to conclude its investigations and the report.

“We are going to apply to the High Court for the extension of the commission from the end of March to the end of June. We just want to regain the time we lost due the national lockdown. It is exactly three months, if there had not been any national lockdown, we would have completed the oral evidence and just be left with the completion of the report,” says  Deputy Justice Raymond Zondo.

Zondo says evidence led by the commission has resulted in one of the corruption accused companies paying R650 million back to the state. “That Mckinsey will repay R650 million that of fees that was paid to it by SAA and Transnet was a big development. We have spent about R700 million now being R820 million through the work of this commission. As a result of the discussion that ensued and the evidence, we will lead, a huge portion of the money spent on this commission will be repaid.”

South Africa’s national lockdown due to the coronavirus ate away the Commission’s time to finish oral evidence of witnesses.

President Cyril Ramaphosa is also yet to appear before the Commission with no exact dates finalised.

State Capture Commission briefs the media on work done so far: