Slain student Leigh Matthews’ family believes convicted murder Moodley is still not telling the truth

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The parents of slain student Leigh Matthews say the parole board has stated that it would be an insult to justice should Donavan Moodley be granted parole.

They attended the parole hearing at the Johannesburg Correctional Services on Friday.

Moodley was convicted of the murder of the 21-year-old in 2005.

Leigh’s father, Rob Matthews says 17 years later, Moodley is still not telling the truth.

He says, “Moodley has not changed. He is still the same lying, conniving, deceitful individual. He has different stories of where Leigh was kept. So he is clearly not remorseful. The chairmen of the parole board concluded, and this is all we can say because there is a whole protocol behind [it]. Whatever their recommendation is, it goes to the Minister. The chairman of the parole board concluded by saying, to grant Moodley parole, would be an insult to justice.”

Murder accused Donovan Moodley to apply for parole:

The family argued before the parole board, among others, that Donovan Moodley refused to be interviewed by an independent clinical psychologist to ascertain whether or not he remains a danger to the community.

They say Moodley’s refusal must weigh heavily against his parole bid. Civil society supporting the Matthews family has called for a transparent and fair process.

The process is expected to be lengthy and rigorous.

A process the Matthews family hopes will not see their daughter’s killer be released.

Leigh Matthews family make oral representations: