Shona Ferguson funeral service underway

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The funeral service of actor and film director Shona Ferguson is underway in Johannesburg.

As per COVID-19 protocols, only family members and close friends will pay their last respects to the motion picture mogul.

However, the private funeral will be broadcast on social media.

The 47-year-old died last week due to COVID-19 related complications.

He will be remembered for his roles in different films and TV dramas including Netflix’s Kings of Joburg and Rockville.

He leaves behind his TV personality wife Connie Ferguson and their two children.

He will be buried in Fourways north of Johannesburg.

Family Spokesperson Tshwane Malope says: “Shona Ferguson will be laid to rest this morning in Johannesburg. The family would like to thank the public for their overwhelming messages of support during this difficult time. It has really gone a long way to bring about comfort to all of us. Especially sis Connie. It will also be streamed live and the general public can be able to follow it there.”

Live proceedings under way in the stream below: