Seven arrested in connection with WITS student’s kidnapping

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Gauteng police have arrested seven suspects in connection with the kidnapping of a Wits University student who was reported missing earlier this week.

According to authorities, the student’s roommate reported his disappearance, prompting an immediate investigation.

It is alleged that the suspects used a dating website to lure the victim into a trap. Once in their custody, the suspects demanded a ransom of R30 000 from the victim’s family.

Provincial police spokesperson Brenda Muridili says, “The police conducted surveillance and arrested one suspect as soon as he arrived. He then led the authorities to the Denver Men’s Hostel, where they discovered the 18-year-old victim bound and unconscious. Six additional suspects were apprehended, and the victim was rushed to the hospital for medical attention.”

Law enforcement agencies are now looking into the possibility of linking these suspects to similar cases in Gauteng that share the same modus operandi.

All seven individuals will face charges of kidnapping and extortion and are expected to appear in court soon.