Security tightened at various Durban malls

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Security has been tightened at various shopping centres in and around Durban in the run up to the festive season.

Last month, a police officer was shot and killed while responding to a jewellery store robbery at the Pavilion Shopping Centre in Durban. Criminals made off with an undisclosed amount of goods.

With just over two weeks to go to Christmas, businesses are beefing up security measures to reassure consumers of their safety. With the number of tourists coming into the city expected to increase, malls are among the spaces at risk.

Gateway Theatre of Shopping marketing manager, Michelle Shelley says they are working with law enforcement agencies to ensure the safety of their shoppers.

“I was at a certain casino and we were playing and we heard gunshots and not realising that the casino was actually being robbed and I was still playing on the machine. I turned around and I saw everybody is on the floor and even the casino manager, it was very shocking and we were asked to move into the back exit and everybody was just pushing and running for their lives and unfortunately it was full of water. I slipped and I fell backwards and from that experience I am very scared of going to the mall or a casino, I am very vigilant.”

Thousands of visitors are expected to flock to KwaZulu-Natal to spend their holidays and they are being urged to remain vigilant.

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