Shoppers are flooding malls throughout Johannesburg for last-minute shopping ahead of Christmas Day.

Their choices range from decorations and gifts for their loved ones to back-to-school items.

Businesses that have chosen to stay open on Monday appear to be profiting from the festive rush, and some say that they plan to stay open until midnight.

“My husband’s presents are ready; my daughter’s presents are ready; so, I’ve come here to get nice paper bags. My girls have got all particular sorts of things that they are looking for. It’s some sports attire and then my other girl wants a school bag. So, she is the brightest one because she’s saving me money,” says one of the shoppers.

“Number one is food then I’m thinking of getting a Christmas tree. I can’t believe I haven’t gotten that. I definitely have to get it before later tonight,” says another shopper.

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