Section 25 Bill will be open for public comment

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The Ad Hoc Committee Amending Section 25 of the Constitution has reached consensus that the draft Constitution 18th Amendment Bill should be published in the government gazette for public comment no later than December 13.

The Committee also agreed to advertise the bill in January next year.

The object of the bill states that it seeks “to amend section 25 of the constitution, to ensure that the right to property may be limited in such a way that, where land is expropriated for land reform, the amount of compensation may be nil”.

Parliament’s Legal Advisor Charmaine van der Merwe says, “There is also a requirement that Provincial Legislatures must be given an opportunity to consider the bill… and the advice that will be given to the Joint tagging mechanism, and I believe that the joint tagging mechanism will accept, is that this Bill must also be referred to the National House of Traditional Leaders for input.”

“So the proposal was that we do the formal publication in December, so that we can notify these ten bodies. Then the further publication on the 6th of January where the public will then be invited again, because in the government gazette there will also be an invitation,” Van Der Merwe adds.


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