The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee says it’s hopeful that corruption and negligence are a thing of the past as it’s implementing a turnaround strategy.

The negative publicity it has received, has impacted on SASCOC’s revenue and money received from the Lottery has dropped from an estimated R100 million to R10 million in 2019.

SASCOC Vice president, Barry Hendricks, says that they are putting transparent systems in place.

“We are putting systems in place that are transparent and accountable; and that is why the introduction of independence onto the board is vital the production of unqualified statements are important and professionals that are qualified in sports law must be introduced to help run SASCOC.”

SASCOC CFO Ravi Govender says the committee has high hopes for its Operation Excellence program despite their financial challenges.

“If we can’t fund our athletes, we might as well go home and we are improving. For the six months ending December 2018, our OPEX program cost us R600 000 a month and from January to end of October; it’s up to one million. And as we get closer to Tokyo there would have to be a re-assessment and a possible increase.”

SASCOC will also review its policies on lavish expenses such as first class flights for employees.