SA’s energy crisis can only be solved by IPP’s: ActionSA

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ActionSA has argued that South Africa’s energy crisis can only be solved by independent power producers (IPPs).

The party has lambasted government for promising to end load shedding as an election tool ahead of next year’s polls.

This, as the country grapples with Stage 6 rolling blackouts.

ActionSA is heading to its inaugural Policy Conference next week where it’s expected to discuss 11 key policy proposals, among them is energy security.

Addressing the media ahead of the gathering in Johannesburg, the party’s Chief Strategist, Andre Coetzee says there needs to be less reliance on Eskom.

“The only real solution to the energy crisis is to make sure that we have a decentralised market. It means breaking the reliance on Eskom and making it easier for independent power producers and micro grids to be established, so that ultimately the burden or the burden on the demand on Eskom is decreased and that they are able to supply people and businesses that do not have the funding to go off grid,” says Coetzee.