Sanco’s breakaway movement, Independent South African National Civic Organisation (Isanco), says it will change the political landscape in the country. The new kid on the block says its members are getting ready to contest the upcoming local government elections.

The organisation held its provincial elective conference in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape. Addressing members, Isanco president Dr Zukile Luyenge says they will continue to represent poor communities.

“We are mass-based as a civic society organisation because we are not a political party. We are a civil society that is located within the masses of our country with the intention to represent these communities in the state and we have taken a decision to engage in the state power and take the state to task even before we go to the elections,” adds Luyenge.

Dr Luyenge says the standoff between Sanco and Isanco will not distract them from their focus on improving the lives of the people.

“Even that Sanco is the Sanco that is supposed to be independent so we are the implementers of their constitution that they have decided to ignore. We are doing the right thing. We are protecting the gains of 1994….mobilising communities as sectors not as ideologists,” says the Isanco President.

Some stakeholders believe that Isanco has the potential to represent the needs of the poor.

Pastors Indaba Isanco Eastern Cape Chairperson, Apostle Leo Keise, says: “I can assure people wherever they are. Isanco is the way to go because it’s here to uproot corruption. What we see today we can not run away…the government that is leading presently they are stealing from people instead of helping communities.”

The elected provincial leadership has been tasked to increase the civic organisation’s membership and win seats in the upcoming local government elections.

Isanco held its first national elective congress in November last year: