Safca decries Luc Eymael’s appointment as Chippa Technical Advisor

Luc Eymael
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The South African Football Coaches Association (Safca) has voiced its disappointment at the leadership and Chairman of Chippa United FC, Chippa Mpengesi, for appointing Luc Eymael as the Technical Advisor.

This follows an outcry of his appointment as the club coach in December last year.

“The remarks Luc Eymael made whilst with the Tanzanian club, Young Africans SC were hurtful, uncalled for, and racially abusive: labeling Tanzanian people as ‘uneducated’ as well as calling the fans of the clubs ‘monkeys’ and ‘barking dogs’. We cannot condone that in football and society,” reads a statement issued by the Safca on Tuesday.

Safca accuses Chippa United management of ignoring the outcry of Eymael’s remarks.

“The Chairman of Chippa United, Chippa Mpengesi has defied the public outcry, SAFA’s stance and Eastern Cape government’s stance. We are Africans and we need to stand together on such issues. Safca and Safa stood together on this matter when it happened in December. Both organizations lambasted the comments made by Luc Eymael. To this day, Luc Eymael has never made a public apology for his utterances, therefore showing no remorse or not considering feelings that he has hurt,” added the statement.

The union is calling for  Eymael appointment to be reversed.

“Our position is that we want the chairman of Chippa United, Chippa Mpengesi, to reverse this appointment. We would like Safa to also intervene on the issues of his work permit. Safca leadership is supporting the route Safa is taking on this matter with the FIFA Ethics Committee. We need to stand together for decisive action. Racist comments cannot be accepted. As Africans, how can we be respected when someone disrespects our continent but he is still hired on the same continent with same people.”