SACP warns against false allegations of gender-based violence

Blade Nzimanda
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The South African Communist Party (SACP) has warned against the use of allegations of gender-based violence in factional leadership battles.

It was reacting to rape allegations against African National Congress (ANC) Head of Communications in the Presidency and the party’s Acting National Spokesperson Zizi Kodwa.

The governing party has confirmed receipt of a complaint from a woman accusing Kodwa of raping her in April 2018.

SACP General-Secretary Blade Nzimande says in as much as they condemn gender-based violence, they hope this is not a hoax as it will undermine the seriousness of the fight against the abuse of women in the country.

Meanwhile, the ANC has admitted that the recent allegations of sexual misconduct against two of its senior members have the potential to tarnish its reputation.

National Spokesperson Pule Mabe has just been cleared of sexual misconduct charges levelled against him by his personal assistant. However, yesterday allegations surfaced against Kodwa.

He has denied the allegations and the ANC has distanced itself from the matter saying the woman must approach the authorities for them to investigate.

ANC Acting Spokesperson, Dakota Legoete, says, “These particular allegations do affect the party. The ANC is among the first organisations in the world to accept non-sexism as a policy and this is an anti-thesis of what we stand for. It does affect our reputation and integrity as an organisation. It’s regrettable that some of our leaders are found wanting in such allegations. To all our members and to all or people, let’s focus lets fight gender-based violence no matter who’s involved.”