Acting African National Congress (ANC) Spokesperson Zizi Kodwa has been accused of rape.

The party’s Deputy Secretary-General Jessie Duarte has told the media at Luthuli House that Kodwa’s accuser sent a letter to the ANC Secretary-General’s office.

This comes days after Pule Mabe was cleared of sexual harassment allegations made by his former personal assistant.

Duarte says Kodwa’s alleged rape occurred in a private setting.

She says they have advised the woman to go to the police because she is not an ANC member.

“The advice we’ve given the complainant is that she needs to go to the criminal justice system with her complaint.”

“This is something that, to our understanding, happened in a private party setting. Of course, that’s the allegation. Therefore, the ANC really cannot do anything about it in terms of finding relevant facts. Investigating properly, that is the work of the criminal justice system.”