SA government warns citizens travelling to China to be well informed about coronavirus

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The Department of International Relations and Corporation has advised South Africans travelling to China to be well informed about the implications of the rapidly spreading coronavirus.

The Department says no South African has been infected with the virus as yet.

Dirco has called on those who are already in areas affected by the virus to observe the regulations that have been put forward in a bid to curb the spread of the virus.

Last week the Department of Health said it was working on a plan-of-action following the outbreak.

And that they are meeting with various health bodies as more cases are reported in countries overseas.

The National Institute of Communicable Diseases says it has measures in place to guard against the spread of the pneumonia-like virus from China.

Port authorities at all major points of entry into South Africa have reportedly increased their checks on travellers coming from China and Asia.

Two South African teachers working in China have been told to prolong their holidays due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Nelani and Zama Majozi are back in the country and were scheduled to leave next week but their employers in Jiashan County have instructed them to postpone their return.

At least 40 cases have been reported in their county which is eight hours from the epicentre of the outbreak in Hunan province.

The cousins say they’re concerned about their health and job security

“Everything is shut down. Malls are shut down, malls are closed, cities are closed, people can’t even leave their hotels. We need to postpone our flights so we don’t end up paying more but at the same time I don’t know if it’s wise to postpone it and the virus is pretty bad.”

“I am not sure if I want to go back, I am still deciding if I want to go back. It’s not an easy decision to make especially if it means I’m going to be unemployed for months.”

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