The latest coronavirus (COVID-19) statistics for South Africa indicate a decline in the number of daily new cases nationally, but the daily number of deaths is expected to continue to increase.

CSIR Senior Research Dr Ridhwaan Suliman says the daily new case average is at 15 900 per day, which is an 11% decline from a week ago.

Dr Suliman says the provinces with the highest number of cases in the country have also seen a decline in daily new cases, especially in KwaZulu-Natal.

Discussion on the COVID-19 daily incidence rate per province with Dr. Ridhwaan Suliman:

However, he’s warned that the death numbers are expected to increase as they lag the case data by as much as four weeks.

“The number of cases currently, the seven-day average is at 15 900 per day and that’s a decline of 11% compared to a week ago. The Eastern Cape continues its slow decline; the Western Cape, after showing a bit of a plateau, has promisingly declined by 20% compared to a week ago; KZN decreasing by 23% compared to a week ago, and Gauteng decreasing by 12% to a week ago. These are promising signs and these are the bigger provinces that are driving what we see at the national level.”

On Thursday, SA recorded the highest COVID-19 deaths in a single day:

Lockdown regulations effective

Dr Suliman says the adjusted Level 3 lockdown regulations have been effective, which has resulted in the current drop in new COVID-19 cases.

“Just over two and a half weeks ago, we introduced adjusted Level 3 regulations. So, it suggests that those are having an effect. Mobility data also confirms that people are complying and there is reduced movement amongst the public. There has also been greater public awareness of the risk and that has altered behaviour over the last few weeks. So, those are the factors that we’re currently seeing.”