RSF agrees to 24 hr ceasefire in Sudan

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Sudan’s paramilitary, RSF, has agreed to a 24 hour ceasefire starting at 6pm local time.

Earlier, Sudanese troops battled waves of attacks by the paramilitary force trying to seize the army’s headquarters, while the failure of a US-brokered ceasefire hampered efforts to evacuate foreigners and residents trapped in the capital.

Continuous bombardments and loud blasts could be heard in central Khartoum around the compound housing the army HQ and also at the main airport, which has been fiercely contested and put out of action since fighting erupted at the weekend.

Thick smoke billowed into the sky and the streets were largely empty in Khartoum, one of Africa’s largest cities.

Earlier in the week, Sudan’s military ruler General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan said he was operating from a presidential guesthouse within the compound.

Reuters could not establish whether he remained there on Wednesday.