Road users advised to be cautious ahead of school closures, Easter holiday season

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The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has cautioned road users to be extra careful on the roads as this weekend marks the end of the first school term and the beginning of the Easter holiday season for many learners and their families.

The RTMC encourages families who intend to travel during this period to thoroughly plan for their journeys to ensure they travel with ease and arrive safely at their destinations.

RTMC spokesperson, Simon Zwane says motorists are urged to follow road tips as they prepare for long distance travel.

“The RTMC advises motorists who will be traveling for school holidays and those who will be traveling for Easter to ensure they renewed their drivers licenses. The vehicle license disc must also be current. It will assist reduce fatalities in the country if all motorists check the road worthiness and fitness of their vehicles. The tyres shouldn’t be smooth. Windscreens shouldn’t have cracks, ipers must be working and the lights must be working.”