Rise Mzansi party hopes for a seat after 2024 elections

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Rise Mzansi hopes for a seat at the table after the 2024 elections. Founded in 2022, the party is optimistic about having half a million volunteers across the country by May 2024.

Party leader Songezo Zibi took his volunteer recruitment drive to Galeshewe Township in the Northern Cape.

A handful of people, braved the dusty weather. All gathered outside the Mayibuye precinct to hear what Rise Mzansi has in store for potential voters.

The handful in attendance were treated to some entertainment ahead of the political address. Seemingly, the message of the new kid on the block resonates with some attendees.

“As far as the political parties that have been there before, we haven’t really gotten assistance in voicing what it is that we are getting challenged with. So I’m willing to see what the new party brings, and we are open to exercising our votes,” says one of the people attending.

“I am not a political party person, but what stood out for me in Rise Mzansi was that Rise Mzansi is not really a political party but a movement that is an alternative that will rise up for people. And that is really what we have been waiting for all those years. The promises that were made in 1994 were not really kept.”

People’s plan for change

Rise Mzansi hoping for a seat at the table after the 2024 elections:

Despite not being keen to discuss projections for the party post-elections, Zibi says the plan is to work with organisations at the grassroots level-in the same way the United Democratic Front (UDF) did.

“A democracy is a stool; if we are all in it and putting in our bite to make things happen, it does not happen. That is a genuine message, and people get that. The response has been great. We are not at projections yet. We have our own projections. What we are doing as a target right now is getting to people’s manifesto conventions in October, where there will be 1000 delegates from all over the country,” says Zibi.

The party manifesto will be released in November, followed by candidate selection.

In February 2024, it will release the people’s plan for change as they gear up for elections.