Research papers to help shape African economies

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The Director of the African Economic Research Consortium Njuguna Ndung’u says research papers presented on the challenges facing the economies of the African continent will be valuable to help shape the economies.

He was responding to questions at a media briefing about the value of the consortium’s 50th biannual plenary currently underway in Cape Town.

The plenary brought together more than 200 researchers, academics, policy makers and economists to discuss the rising debt levels faced by African countries and the challenges  such debt poses to the growth of countries on the continent.

“AERC is actually a capacity based network and what we do is that we encourage evidenced based policy advice to African countries. What we are going to do with these papers; the take always is that we are going to summarise these papers and in future they will inform policy. And one of them is convening the policy makers, especially Minister of Finance to actually discuss the issues and even the implementation. We convene policy makers once we have some resource to share.”